How Should I Sell My Equipment?

December 5, 2019

Showcase Equipment

Showcase Equipment is located in Middlebury, Indiana, just off the 80/90 toll road. We are here for you when you want to upgrade your equipment, but need to sell your truck, sawmill, or dozer first. We are here when you buy equipment for a specific job that you don’t need anymore. There are several ways to get cash for unwanted equipment and Showcase Equipment can help you choose one that works for you.

You can consign your items to sell at auction, list it online or put it out beside the road. Each of these ways will reach a different kind of buyer.


When you sell your items at auction and the process goes well it’s a quick sale. You have a date when your item will be sold and the auction company works to get the highest price for your item by advertising to bring the right buyers to the auction.

Selling at auction does carry a few risks. Attendance at the auction can be disrupted due to weather and other factors, though sometimes bad weather actually helps since it removes the option of other activities for buyers. Sellers who have many items to liquidate, want to close a business, or want an exact date of sale are well-served by an auction.


Benefits include having control of the entire selling process. You set the price, terms, and transportation. There is no pressure or obligation to continue to sell your equipment, if you change your mind. Selling your equipment directly involves the least number of people. Online Sellers can avoid fees of an auction. Solid marketplaces and buy/sell/trade outlets will advise you on tips to help make the process go smoothly. Advertising on will get your items in front of all potential buyers, including dealers, other brokers, and end-users.

Selling your own equipment can be time-intensive with calls, following up, showing equipment, etc. Finding a reasonable asking price can be hard since not all machines are equal. This works well for people who want to sell their own equipment and control the process with just a set price for the listing.


The cheapest option is to set your equipment out beside the road. The majority of your inquiries will be local, therefore, transportation of equipment won’t be difficult. You’re still selling the equipment yourself, so you will have complete control of selling process. No pressure from others in the selling process make for a stress-free experience.

If the roadside option worked well, auctions and online selling wouldn’t be needed. Since you’re selling heavy equipment and that isn’t something just anyone that drives past wants, you will have difficulty reaching your buyer. If your equipment is parked beside the road for a month with no interest, that’s time it could’ve been advertised to a much bigger audience and possibly already sold.

This can work for sellers who aren’t in a hurry for any reason, don’t need to use the equipment during the selling process, and have a solid local market for their equipment for sale.


All options have ups and downs, that’s why they all exist. Your goals of selling your equipment will help determine which option fits you. Overall, selling your equipment isn’t hard, like many things, you just have to start. Many potential sellers put off liquidating tens of thousands of dollars in equipment because it seems overwhelming or time-consuming. However, that equipment is at its peak value today (assuming no upgrades or repairs are needed) and there’s a cost even for items that are paid for and not used. If I were selling my equipment, I’d use a couple options that are able to ensure I got my item in front of as many potential buyers as possible. The real winner here, is the buyer of your equipment – you just have to find him!

Showcase Equipment, just 2 hours from Chicago, IL Detroit, MI and Indianapolis, IN. We are easy to find, easy to work with and we are here to help you today.

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